Top 7 Hidden features In Your Android Phone

hidden features in android

Android is accumulated with so many tools and configuration options, we often overlook some of its most beneficial features. Sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight. Other times, they are concealed so thick, you’d never find them without spelunking deep into submenus, touch blindly in the dark.

But don’t let that one killer feature get away. Even if you consider yourself an Android power user, you will do well to make sure you’re familiar with every single menu, toggle and utility on this list. We’ve done our best to identify the accurate locations of the features listed below, but you may have to hunt around menus a bit if your device manufacturer has excessive interface customizations.

1. Use Android Device Manager For Remote Security

Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device—and the data inside it—safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you:
● Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
● Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone
  1. Head to Settings > Security
  2. You Will Find Developer’s Options
  3. Tick Android Device Manager To Activate It.
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2. Create Desktop Backup Password

Before you create a backup using Android tools on your desktop, you can first create a password for your backup in the developer options. To put protection on your backup from being accessed easily:
  1. Head to Settings > Developer Options.
  2. Tap on Desktop backup password.
  3. Fill in the current password, and then type and retype the new password for a full backup.
Create Desktop Backup Password

3. Enable MSAA For OpenGL Games

If you like to play games on your Android device, and you’re playing it using high-end Android devices, you might want to enable MSAA to obtain a higher quality rendering of your in-game graphics. This feature is turned off in some games by default because it can drain your device’s battery rather quickly. To enable FXAA:
  1. Head to Settings > Developer Options.
  2. Tap on Force 4x MSAA to enable it.
Enable MSAA For OpenGL Games

4. Allow Mock Location

To be able to fake your current GPS location, you need an app. But to use that app, you will need first to Allow Mock Location for the app to work. Enable Mock Location in two steps.
  1. Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  2. Look for Allow Mock Location and tick on it to enable.
Allow Mock Location

5. Don’t Keep App Activities

Your Android app activities are still intact even after you have exited from your app. Most of your apps rely on locally cached data on Android so that they can load faster and will not face any forced exact moments. However, there may be apps that use a lot of activities. You can choose not to keep these activities with these steps:
  1. Head to Settings > Developer Options.
  2. Tick on Don’t keep activities.
  3. You can switch back anytime by unticking the disable.
Don't Keep App Activities

6.Switch Dalvik To ART

Art is a new experimental runtime by Google that is supposed to replace Dalvik shortly as it is faster. If you want to test run ART on your device, you will need an Android device running, at least, Kit Kat 4.4 and above. To set this up:
  1. Head to Settings > Developer options.
  2. Tap on Select runtime and choose Use ART.
  3. Note that ART is still experimental, and not many apps support it. Hence, it may turn your device slower. If you experience this, switch back to Dalvik.
Switch Dalvik To ART

7.Easter Egg Game In Android 

You’re probably used to the Android Lollipop where you tap on the version name in the about phone/about tablet part of the settings menu. Well, this is no different in Lollipop but if you tap the image of the lollipop multiple times then long press it, you’ll load up an Android themed mini-game which is a nod to Flappy Bird.

  1. Head To Settings > About Phone
  2. Find Android Version Click Several Times On it
  3. You Will Find a Circle Click On it to Change Color
  4. Long Press The Circle To Launch The Game
So here were the Top 7 Hidden Features In Your Android Phone, so grab your Android Phone and start finding all these and share it with your friends and family, If you have any doubt feel free to comment, and I will get back to you soon.If You liked the above article, then do share on your social media profiles.Stay Tuned On Hackers Den for more cool posts.


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