When you got your HTC One you must have been very excited about the potential what this amazing device can do, but as modern devices are more complicated we end up with a wide range of options and settings. We have prepared over 30 tips for the HTC One, and be sure that this will help you rock your HTC One even more. Be sure to check out our HTC One review.
Currently there are two different ways to capture screenshots on HTC One. By taking a screenshot it will be stored to your Phone Memory, and you can find your screenshots in Gallery under Screenshots folder.
Power Button + Home Button
Pull down notification bar with two fingers and you get notification toggles. Last toggle is Screenshot, and by pressing it the notification bar goes up and phone takes a screenshot. (Only on Android 4.2+)
One of the advantages of Android is multitasking and if you would like to use it to access the applications which are running in the background or if you would like to switch between the applications you can with a simple shortcut. Double tap on Home button and it will show you a window with 9 applications that have been accessed recently. This is a great feature because it will allow you to switch between apps very fast and will shorten the time you need to do certain things. Just remember that the shortcut is Double tap on Home button. In my case I needed some time to getting used to it.
One_multitasking One_Home
Some people like BlinkFeed and some don’t. It is your default home screen allowing you to view latest news, posts and social media accounts. Very similar to Flipboard app. To customize content that will be displayed just drag down entire BlinkFeed and you will see three vertical dots in the top right corner. There are two options: Topics and services, Settings. Topics and services is a place where you pick Featured Headlines, Services and Apps, and Categories. This is pretty basic, and easy to setup as you only need to select services that you want to display on your BlinkFeed. Settings option gives you a choices for Auto refresh, Local content (language), and another option is like a shortcut for Personalize (Wallpaper, lock screen and home screen).
If you want to remove BlinkFeed as your default home screen, long press a home screen (not BlinkFeed) and a window with widgets will show up. At the top you will see your home screens. Tap and hold home screen that you want as your default and drag it to Set as Home. This is where you also add new home screen if you need it. But if you prefer to use another custom Launcher like Nova Launcher and like BlinkFeed there is a simple trick you can use. Check out: How to use BlinkFeed with Nova Launcher
Start your camera app, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and scroll down to the bottom of the options. At the end you will find Auto Upload option. Tap it and here you can setup that all photos you take are uploaded to Flickr for HTC Sense.
I personally prefer to use Auto Upload feature that comes with DropBox app. The Dropbox comes preinstalled and you just need to log in. When you do that the setup process will offer you an option to upload your photos to your Dropbox account. You can set that photos are only uploaded via Wi-Fi, or even on data connection.
Google+ app also has a feature to auto upload your photos online, but I don’t use this feature because Dropbox is perfect.
One_Autoupload One_Autoupload1
HTC One is fast and smooth, but we always want more when it comes to performance and how smooth a phone can work.
Go to Settings > Developer options > Advanced and turn off some of the animations in the Animation section. If you don’t see Developer options then go to Settings > About >Software information and tap on Android version several times to unlock it (picture below on the left).
To stop app you don’t need from running you can just disable them by going to Settings > Apps and swipe to All. Now you only need to disable apps you don’t need and you can’t uninstall.
One_speed One_TV
You probably know that the Power button has an IR blaster. This means that you can use your HTC One as a remote control for your TV, home theater, cable and all other devices that are compatible. Just open your TV app and follow instructions as the setup is simple (picture up on the right).
There can be a problem if your country is not supported, but there are other IR apps in the Play Store. Browse and select that suits you the most.
HTC One camera has a lot of options that will allow you to take great photos. Open different filters by tapping colorful icon at the bottom right when you are in the camera app. For best photos you can try HDR, and by tapping three dots you get a lot of options for videos and photos.
In camera settings you will also find options to shoot full HD, fast HD (60fps), and slow motion videos. Switching from back to front camera can be done by swiping from right edge of the screen to the left when in camera app.
HTC Zoe allows you to capture up to 20 still images and 3 second video. You can edit them, and share. There is also a free share service that HTC has specifically for Zoe shares, but you will be reminded of this when you try to share a photo from the Gallery.
Highlight video is a montage based on your photos and Zoe captures. If you want to tweak it you can choose a different theme by tapping the button at the bottom right when you open an event in the Gallery. You can set your music, transition effect, Speed, Repeat, and Shuffle. When you play a highlight video at the top you will see three dots where you can Save, Share, Select music and Select content. Select content allows you to dictate what you want to appear in your highlight video, and you can remove what you don’t want in the video.
With Sense 5 we have a lot of improvements when it comes to App drawer (picture below on the left). You can arrange it as you like, create folders, change grid size, hide apps and arrange entire drawer (Custom, Alphabetical, Most recent).
Pull down app in drawer and you get option bar just like when you customize BlinkFeed. At the top right you have three dots, this is where you set Grid size, Hide apps and open Manage apps.
Most of us will keep the app drawer at Custom and arrange as we like it. Create folders and move apps as you please.
When it comes to Grid size you have two options: 3×4 which is default and 4×5. I personally prefer 4×5 as more content fits on screen. There is also a search and Play Store shortcut for quick access.
One_AppDrawer One_Notifications
There is only one LED color for notifications, but you can set for what notifications you want the LED to blink. Go to Settings > Display, Gestures and Buttons > Notification Flash and set it up as you like (picture above on the right).
This is a perfect option to save power during the night or when you are away from your phone. Sleep Mode switches off 3G connectivity when One is inactive for a long period of time. To activate this option, go to Settings > Power > Sleep Mode (picture below on the left).
One_SleepMode One_Beats
Sound on HTC One is just awesome for a mobile phone and has set a new standard in mobile audio. HTC One is powered by Beats Audio, and this gets you deep and rich bass for your music collection. If you love lighter music you can turn it off by going to Settings and scrolling down to Beats Audio, tap it and it’s off now (picture above on the right).
This is another important option for power saving as this feature allows you to extend your battery life for a longer period of time. By activating this option it lowers your CPU power, Display brightness, Vibration and Data connection. To activate go to Settings > Power > Power Saver. You can turn it on and off, but you can also tap it and select what options are active when Power Saver is activated (picture below on the left).
One_SleepMode One_FindApp
If you have a large number of applications, finding the one in a hurry is easy as there is even an option for that. Open App Drawer and pull it down, now click small magnifying glass icon. Start typing the name and filtering of apps starts when you enter the first letter (picture above on the right).
If you loose or decide to restore your phone it’s easy to get it back to working condition very fast. Go to Settings > Backup & reset. This is when you set your backup account, automatic backup and other options are located here as restore and Backup Now (picture below on the left).
One_Backup One_LockScreen
Lock screen in Sense 5 is much more flexible then before. Tap anywhere on it and pull up to unlock, or grab and pull up folder/app to access it very fast. This is great for camera app when you need to take a fast click.
For more options go to Settings > Personalize and select wallpaper, but this is not everything. Option Lock screen style has these options: Wallpaper, Productivity, Photo album, Music, No lock screen and Widget (picture above on the right).
Widget on lock screen is something that comes with Android 4.2+, but HTC has done this differently as we can only set one widget on lock screen.
If you have sensitive data on your phone and don’t want nosy people snooping on your phone go to Settings > Security > Screen lock. This is where you can set how your phone is accessed when you unlock it. The options are: None, Face Unlock, Pattern, Pin and Password. Just be sure that you know your Google account password if you forget a Pin or Password or you will be required to do a factory reset of your phone (picture below on the left).
One_Security One_Transfer
If you just got a new HTC One there are simple steps to transfer your content from an old phone to your new shinny HTC One that comes with a tool to make things easier. Go to Settings > Transfer content and select which kind of device you had. You can port your content even from iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and of course Android (picture above on the right).
The perfect app when you need to unlock your door in total darkness, but HTC One has a solution for that. The Flashlight app has three different brightness levels, but the bad thing is that you can’t keep it on when your screen is locked (picture below on the left).
One_Flashlight One_Dock
At the bottom of your screen there are four app shortcuts that allow you to access apps like Phone Book, Messages, Internet and Camera. You can customize these shortcuts or add folders to the dock. I always keep the Camera app so I can open it fast from Lock screen. Long press an icon and drag it away from the dock to remove, and if you want to add an icon open your app drawer and long press it, drag it down to the dock to add it. To create a folder simply drag one icon to another just like when you create a folder on your home screen or in app drawer (picture above on the right).
There are a lot of alternatives for HTC Sense Keyboard in Google Play Store. When you pick the keyboard you like just click an icon in your app drawer and the keyboard tutorial will guide you through setup process. This is the case for SwiftKey Keyboard, but if there is no icon you can activate new keyboard by going to Settings > Language and Keyboard then turning on your new keyboard. But before you decide on custom keyboard be sure to try Sense Keyboard as it has been improved a lot (picture below).
This is unlikely scenario if your devices is frozen and you can’t pull out your battery in HTC One. There is a way to reboot your HTC One by holding the power button for about 10 seconds and the phone will do a hard reboot. I have only tried this, but have never needed it.
This is a great feature but most people will only use it while on the road. We all know that using your phone while driving is illegal in some countries, but car mode in a combination with a car dock can help use use our HTC One even on the road. In the App Drawer you will find an app called Car, turn it on and you will see options that are generally in use while driving with big icons and bigger font. You get Navigation, Dialer, Music, Speak, People and Settings. You can add apps and run them, but if you want to leave Car mode you need to press Exit (picture below).
If you use SMS a lot, and would like to have a backup of your important messages then SMS backup is just for you. Open Messages app and tap three dot menu at the top right. Now you have a bunch of options, but you can tap Back up/Restore SMS. This gives you two options Backup and Restore.
These are not just volume buttons for your phone, but you can use them to control Flashlight app to give more light or less. Another option is that you can use them as volume control for your TV when you are using a remote IR app.
If you have a lot of contact then it’s hard to find one when you need to, and it can take a long time to scroll. The solution is to use two fingers when you want to scroll to a contact. When you try this the alphabet will appear on screen, but just move your fingers and find letter that you need.
When you double tap a notification bar takes you to the top of the page. If you are in App Drawer or somewhere in BlinkFeed. Double tap notification bar and you are back at top.
This is a handy feature when you need to keep certain text messages private. To use this feature just long press a desired message that you want to keep private and select ‘Move to secure box’.
This will ask you to setup a password. Once you do that the message will be moved to secure location. When you want to access your message just select ‘Secure’ from Messages drop down menu and enter your password. You can also move messages from ‘Secure Box’ the same way.
You can use Bluetooth headset as a remote control for the camera on your HTC One. This is an amazing function for group photos. Make sure that you have Bluetooth headset paired to the phone and then launch the Camera app. The button that activates the shutter on the headset differs depending on the model or brand of the Bluetooth headset. Most of the times it’s talk button, but you can try double-clicking the volume up button or triple clicking the dial button.
Continuous shooting has a limit of 20 shots, but you can change that by going into the Camera app settings. Option Continuous shooting and un-check ‘Limit to 20 frames’. Now you can take up to 99 photos in one sequence (picture below on the left).
One_CShooting One_Tabs
You can hide or rearrange the tabs in the phone and clock apps. To do this open Phone or Clock app, press menu (three dot), then select edit tabs. Now just move tabs and order them as you want. If a tab is not checked then it will not be visible (picture above on the right).
If you want to use voice controls when offline, go to Settings > Language & Keybaord > Voice search > Offline Speech recognition. This is where you can download additional languages for offline use (picture below).
You can use pinch to zoom to make the text either larger or smaller in Messages app.
When you are in a meeting or just don’t want to answer a call you can just flip your phone face down and it will go silent (stop ringing).
These are all HTC One Tips & Tricks that we have for you now, but be sure to check back regularly for new Tips & Tricks. If you any be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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