Best Hacking Movies To Watch In 2018

best hacking movies

Best Hacking Movies list that you can’t afford to miss

Howdy Guys! Today we will be discussing the best hacking movies of all time.

If you are reading this post then you might be a coder or a hacker or aspire to become one or just want to watch some best hacking movies. If you are here, to just get some suggestions for your next watch, dive right in, the movies listed down are blended of action and thriller and you will enjoy every part of it.

If you wanna become a hacker or a coder and want to watch these best hacking movies for inspiration, well and good, you will get inspiration, but not the learning.

For the learning, you have to sign up for some courses either online or offline (I prefer online) Bunch of online websites are there which will teach your coding and even hack, so do some homework, find some great sites and start learning.

After watching some hacking based or programming based hacker film, you decide to come in the programming field, just because you are impressed by the characters and thinking it’s  cool, then you are highly mistaken. Often these movies have no connection with real hacking, it is all about graphics. These best hacking movies show us that a hacker randomly types anything on the keyboard and hacks the site and gets all the data, which is not how it works. So just watch these movies for fun and if you are seeking to learn some command codes, then you will just hear “Hack It” :p

As far as the coders and hackers are concerned, you very well know how the real hacking is done, so take a break from the work and enjoy the goddamn show.

We are not here to discuss how it is fooling us. We are here to give you the Best Hacking Movies of All Time. All these movies have a fantastic storyline and grab on some popcorn while watching it. This post will include some of the best hacking movies as well as movies based on programmers.

Best hacker movies List To Watch In 2018

We have filtered out top hacker movies list for you guys.The movies listed down are not in any order of preference.

1) The Social Network (2010):

the social network movie

The Social Network is a Biographical Film; based on how Facebook was founded; adapted from Ben Mezrich’s 2009 book – The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal. This movie was directed by David Fincher. Casting Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin (Co-Founder), Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker (Former President of Facebook), Armie Hammer as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

This movie deals with a couple of lawsuits faced by Mark Zuckerberg, in his paths of finding the biggest social networking giants -Facebook. It shows how he created FaceMash after getting dumped by his girlfriend and cheating the duo brothers to create its own social network. Watch the movie and you will find each shot interesting.

2) WarGames (1983):

wargames movie

WarGames is an American Science Fiction film, directed by John Badham and written by Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes. This movie shows us how a young man gets access to United State’s Military supercomputer and unknowingly access the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) by the thought that he is playing a video game, but in reality, he has the nuclear weapon controls which could possibly start World War 3. This movie is one of the best hacking movies thrilled with some great 80s music and a good storyline. The film stars Matthew Broderick as David Lightman, Dabney Coleman as Dr. John McKittrick, John Wood as Dr. Stephen Falken, Ally Sheedy as Jennifer Mack

3) Hackers (1995):

hackers movie

Hackers is an American crime film directed by Iain Softley. This movie shows how a boy of eleven years old hacks 1,507 systems in a day and causing a seven-point drop in New York Stock Exchange and is banned from using computers until his eighteenth birthday.  After some years, he and his friends hack into a massive oil company where they uncover proof of financial fraud. Their hack is discovered, and they must find some proof to save themselves from the police. This techno-thriller is one of the best hacking movies.

4) 23 (1998):

23 movie

23 is a German Drama- thriller film which is directed by Hans-Christian Schmid. The movie’s plot is based on the true story of a group of young computer hackers from Hannover, Germany. Orphan Karl Koch buys a flat and a computer from his inheritance and then later along with his friend David starts hacking military and government computers. This movie also deals with real friends who are with you anytime you need and some false friends who give up on you for money.

5) TrackDown (2000):

takedown movie

This should top the list of under best hacking movies, but as I said I am writing the movies which are coming to my mind and not in order of preference. This movie is also known as TakeDown (outside the USA). This is a biographical film about Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick who doesn’t need an introduction in the hacking world. To those who don’t know about him, Kevin Mitnick was one of the biggest hackers of all time, he was even jailed for computer hacking. After release from jail, he formed Mitnick Security Consulting, which helps companies to test their security strengths, weakness, and potential loopholes. This movie is based on the book Takedown.

6) Mr. Robot (2015 TV Series):

mr.robot movie

Mr. Robot is an American drama–thriller TV series created by Sam Esmail. Elliot, a young programmer who is a cybersecurity engineer suffers from clinical depression and social anxiety order. Elliot is recruited by a rebellious anarchist know as “Mr. Robot” to join a hacking group called “fsociety”. The fsociety aims to destroy all the debts data held by biggest corporates.

7)Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012):

Underground: The Julian Assange Story  movie

This is a biographical film based on the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. This movie reveals the early life of Julian Assange, before he became famous, before the WikiLeaks, he was a young computer hacker in Melbourne. he along with his friends broke into some most powerful organizations and were a threat in the eye of US government

8) Existenz:

existenz movie

The movie revolves around the future where people are much more advanced in the Biotechnology field. This is one of the best hacking movies which involves players whose spines have been surgically inserted with “bio-ports” to which special pods are known as “Umby Cords” are attached.

A Biotechnological virtual reality game takes place and it is played by two major game companies by the names of ‘Antenna Research’ and ‘Cortical Systematics’. While these two companies play against each other, a group of realists are against the policies and all that these companies stand for. They fight strongly against these companies to preserve the future.

9) Swordfish:

swordfish movie

This movie revolves around an ex-conman and a computer hacker by the name of Stanley Jobson. While out on patrol, he is solicited for recruitment to rob a bank. A woman named Ginger Knowles approaches him on behalf of her boss to hack the bank.

He passes a test of hacking into a secure government website and is hired to program a hydra and to siphon out the government’s funds. He refuses to do it which gets his ex-wife killed and his daughter kidnapped. In the end, his daughter is rescued and he shoots down the enemy helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade.

10) Live free or die hard

live free or die hard movie

The Live free or die hard movie is a classic ‘die-hard’ one. It begins with America under attack on the fourth of July. A fire sale is being orchestrated by a mastermind criminal who just rampantly hacks into the computer systems all over the country.

At the same time, unknown gunmen hunt down the nation’s top hackers and kill them all. The last of the hackers, Mike Farrel is protected by an FBI agent McClane. They identify the man behind all the chaos who believes it is his mission to save mankind by leaving it in complete technological collapse.

11) Tron:

tron movie

This movie centers around Sam who is the son of Kevin Flynn, who is the country’s popular developer of video games. Kevin Flynn had mysteriously disappeared several years ago. Clues and signals which indicate of his father’s existence get him going in search of his father and unraveling the mystery of his disappearance.

He follows a strange looking signal and gets sucked into the cyber world just like his father did about 20 years ago. He gets the help of a fearless female warrior and together they escape the dangerous cyber world.

12) The Imitation game:

the imitation game movie

The movie begins with the recruitment of Alan Turing who was a Cambridge Mathematics Alumnus, into the MI6. He is a genius at cracking codes and he is hired to crack the codes of the Nazi Government.

He cracks the toughest Enigma codes which were unbreakable by other top experts. He forms a team and together they crack codes. They are successful in the end, but lands up in jail along with the revelation that he is Gay!

13) Cyberbully:

cyberbully movie

In the movie, a teenage girl is being bullied and abused online, while she is under the care and guardianship of her single mother. It all starts with her mother gifting her a computer on her 17th birthday, which gives her the freedom to do whatever she wants online.

A random senior hacks into the account and posts defamatory information about this girl, all because she refused to give him her computer for use. At school, everyone calls her a slut and bullies her. Her mother learns about it and comes to her rescue.

14) The Matrix:

the matrix movie

This movie shows around Neo who is awakened to the real world by Morpheus. He looks around him and sees a world full of destruction and ravaged to a wasteland. Humanity has been destroyed by machines that make use of the heat and electrochemical energy that emanates from the Human Body. The machines have been imprisoned into a world of artificial reality created by machines.

15) Untraceable:

untraceable movie

In the untraceable movie, you come across Jennifer Marsh who is a special Agent belonging to the FBI’s elite division. She is set on tracking an expert killer in technology who posts all of his achievements and feats in crime, live on the internet.

He carries out his crimes on his victims when the posts that he had put up get the maximum hits. Jennifer Marsh and her team set out to capture this notorious elusive killer.

16) We are legion: The story of hacktivists:

We are legion: The story of hacktivists documentary

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) Documentary
Directed by Brian Knappenberger
Shown: poster art

Brian Knappenberger writes and creates a film which portrays a special and expert hacking group, their inside workings, plans and beliefs which they use and test to carry out their cyber-attacks.This is one of the best hacking movies I have ever watched.

This group of hacktivists hacks into cyberspaces, online government portals, websites of foreign governments and lots more as a way of protesting against the abuse of copyrights, online censorship, the brutality of the police.

17) Firewall:

Firewall movie

In this movie, great skill is given to the expertise of Jack Stanfield who is an expert in Bank security. Based on his expertise, he builds his career. He goes about designing computer systems which are theft proof.

However, his achievements and all of his moves are followed by a criminal who kidnaps his family to get him to break into his own theft proof computer system to get his hands on 100 million dollars. The lives of his wife and kids are placed in danger. He works feverishly to hack into the computer and get his hands on the money.

18) The Fifth Estate:

The Fifth Estate movie

This movie centers around Julian Assange who is the founder of WikiLeaks, and Daniel Domscheit Berg who is a colleague of Julian Assange. Together they secretly watch the actions of the powerful and privileged people around the world.

They are the masterminds behind the creation of a whistleblower platform and through this platform, they leak information without revealing their identities. In the process, a whole lot of nefarious plans are released, government secrets are exposed and the culprits are brought to justice.

19) Black Hat:

blackhat movie

The movie begins with the hacking of popular and important business like a nuclear plant in Hong Kong and Chicago’s Mercantile Trade Exchange. The perpetrators are unknown and still at large. A proposal is made that the FBI would involve itself and work together along with China to track down these cybercriminals and hackers.

The Chinese investigation team insists on releasing an international criminal hacker by the name of Nick Hathway, from prison, in order to help track down these cybercriminals. As Nick Hathway, the FBI and the Chinese join forces, they unravel the mystery behind the cyber attacks.

20) Algorithm: Hacker movie:

algorithm movie

In the best hacking movies list, this movie is a must watch. Algorithm deals with modern issues such as cyber privacy and tracking, cyber human rights, as well as the role of the government in protecting the identities of its citizens and their role in detecting and preventing cybercrime through the use of modern technology.

It portrays, how a talented and skilled freelance computer hacker, hacks into a secure and top-secret Government computer program. With his hacking into the program, he is forced to be a part of a cyber revolution that rocks his world apart.

21) Eagle Eye:

eagle eye movie

In the movie, Eagle eye, we see the lives of two complete strangers, Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman. The two of them come into contact with another complete strange and mysterious looking woman.

They are suddenly thrown into a turmoil where their lives are in danger and it threatens to destroy their family completely as well. It all began when they picked up a phone call from an unknown caller who has been tracking them and controlling all of their moves and actions through the latest technology.

22) IT:

IT Movie

This movie is like a reincarnation of the troubles that the characters faced when they were kids and it comes back to haunt them as adults. It begins with scenes of social outcast groups from the year 1960 being bullied and tormented by a demon which can change itself into a clown. It comes back to haunt them after so many years, and they must fight this evil demon to free their adult life from danger.

23) Nerve:

nerve movie

Vee Delmonico, a student, is just tired of her routine everyday life and the loads of pressures that come from her family and friends. To do something unusual, she joins Nerve which is an online game played by challenging and competitive players.

The game involves the performance of a series of dares, and sinister turn that Vee is bound to take. Yet she emerges victorious in the end.

24) The Italian Job:

the italian job movie

This best hacking movie involves a robbery heist where the safecracker is killed and all of the gold is stolen by Steve who was part of the robbery gang. He cheats the others and keeps all the robbed gold to himself which angers the rest of the partners in crime.

They together join forces along with the daughter of the killed safecracker and they recover the gold from Steve’s multi-million dollar mansion.

25) Snowden:

snowden movie

The list will be incomplete if we didn’t include Snowden movie. Snowden is a biographical film about Edward Snowden, a man who leaked on how NSA spies on us. This movie is a certain watch to know about the inside story of NSA and how did Snowden manage to leak classified information.

So these were 25 best hacking movies of all time if you have watched a movie based on hacking or computers and if not included in the list, then do comment below and we will update our post!

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