WhatsApp Upcoming Features 2018

whatsapp upcoming features 2018

Amazing  WhatsApp Upcoming Features 2018 Update

Hey guys, after a long break. I am again up with a new post about WhatsApp upcoming features 2018

Everyone uses WhatsApp, right? And those who are not on WhatsApp or Facebook or any other social networking site, we term them as non-existent. Well, there are many applications alternative to WhatsApp like Hike, Telegram, Allo, and the list continues, but we still use WhatsApp as our primary mode of communication with people. Why? The answer is simple WhatsApp is the pioneer of its field, it came out in 2009 and it was the first. Skype was already launched, but it was a pioneer in voice and video calling and came to mobile apps late. WhatsApp has a simple user interface which is one of the reasons why people like using it. It is free FOREVER and the best thing is that it does not have advertisements which increased his credibility.

WhatsApp was started by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009. Both previously worked for Yahoo and even got rejected by Facebook before starting their own billion dollar startup which is WhatsApp. WhatsApp killed the SMS, the time when SMS rates were increasing at a faster pace and it became difficult to be in touch with your loved ones or your colleagues, WhatsApp came to rescue by offering free messages to anyone in the world. Their concept of “your number is your identity” changed the communication system.

It all started with sending and receiving messages across the globe, with a simple idea in mind, they improved themselves a lot by implementing voice and video calls, by sending almost all types of documents (including documents, GIFs, images, videos, audios, locations) to each other. More than one billion people use WhatsApp in across 180 countries to stay in touch with their loved ones and this is increasing day by day.

WhatsApp, under the ownership of Facebook, is progressing day by day with a lot of new features being implemented as well as tested (in beta versions) before rolling out.

Facebook, which is dominating the tech world, which has WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram under its belt. The combined users of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram alone is 2, 590, 000, 000 (Two Billion Five Hundred and Ninety Million). The number is huge and if we take the users of Facebook alone, which is 1.49 billion, it will be the third largest country in the world after China and India. Woo. The companies acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have shown a tremendous increase in users as well as features. As of now we will be discussing WhatsApp features, but as a bonus for you we will show one amazing Instagram trick (the feature is not rolled out yet)

So, as everyone knows we can only add one link to our Instagram bio and Instagram has not released a feature to add multiple links into your bio which is a sad thing for all influencers out there. No need to worry now, you can add multiple links to your Instagram bio by visiting Fololink. Fololink is a tool developed by Popo which solves the problem of showing only one link in your Instagram bio, now you can show multiple links on Instagram, thanks to FoloLink. All you have to do is go sign up an account over there, add all the links you want to show up and they will give you a profile link which can be pasted on your Instagram bio, simple isn’t it?

Okay, let us dive in back, so we will be having a look on some latest WhatsApp prank tricks and Latest features implemented by WhatsApp in the year 2017 as well as the upcoming features of WhatsApp 2018.

Notable Features Implemented by WhatsApp.

1)Increase of Photo Sharing Limit

whatsapp 30 images

whatsapp 30 images limitwhatsapp 30 images limit

Initially, WhatsApp allowed only ten pictures to send in a go which sometimes created difficulty in sending more pictures, as we have to select then go back again to select ten more until we reach our final count. This was tiresome and people started to move to multiple whatsapp  like GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp  (popular WhatsApp mods), but WhatsApp to retain its user base rolled out a feature, allowing to send 30 images at a go, it was first seen for beta users in the month of January 2017, but was later released for all users. This is one of the most liked updates by users. The GBWhatsApp users have a nigga life, as they can send 90+ Images in a go 😛

2) Two Step Verification

whatsapp two step verification

This update is one of the greatest updates in terms of security. It allows users to enable two-step verification which will require a six-digit PIN when registering your phone number with WhatsApp again. This keeps you safe from hacks, as many hacks of WhatsApp are carried out by this method, by installing WhatsApp into a new phone and using the victim number in it, and just get the verification code from victim mobile and you get all the messages, now this will not happen. This feature was released in February. You can enable it by going to Settings>Account>Two-Step Verification>Enable.

3) Status/Story Feature

whatsapp status feature

whatsapp status featureThis update was disliked by many as Facebook was trying to copy Snapchat in all possible ways and to throw it out of the league. Facebook implemented this feature in all its acquired companies (i.e) WhatsApp, Instagram, and even in its own platform Messenger as “My Day” which made it uncool among the users, but still, it is up and running and the status/story disappears after 24 hours. Personally, I did not find this update much more effective as every platform has it and there are stories everywhere.

4) Old Status came back!

whatsapp text status

After the update of Status/Story, WhatsApp put an end to text status, which was popular and it created a huge buzz among the users and they began to mock, so by popular demand, the text status of WhatsApp was reintroduced and it was one of the great comebacks.

5) Night Mode for iPhones as well as other ios devices.

WhatsApp released Night Mode for iOS devices. It detects low light and automatically turns into night mode, and gives a high-resolution interface. This update is a much-awaited update for Android devices, the iOS devices are enjoying the update. Meanwhile, Android users are like we do not need Night Mode, we have GBWhatsApp which supports dark theme which is equivalent to Night Mode.

6) New Fonts

whatsapp new fonts

We all became bored by the simple normal font of WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp rolled out a new font feature where users can write text in bold, italic, bold italic and strikethrough

To write in bold

*Your desired text*

To write in italic

_Your desired text_

To write in bold italic

*_Your desired text_*

To write in strikethrough

~Your desired text~

To Write in monospace –


7) Video/Voice Calling

whatsapp video and voice calling

WhatsApp introduced video and voice calling to ease out communication with loved ones. This update was more beneficial to Mom’s out there in India who uses WhatsApp regularly and click the icon next to the name of the contact in WhatsApp. (As Indian moms do not know much about Skype and Hangout, it pretty well eased out the communication). A new update from WhatsApp which allows even group video calling, which is something awesome.

8) End To End Encryption

whatsapp end to end encryption

In a recent update of WhatsApp, it introduced an End To End Encryption update which ensures that only the sender and the receiver reads the message, stopping the messages being intercepted in the path. Just like messages, even WhatsApp calls are end to end encrypted.  So, technically End to End Encryption means even WhatsApp could not read your messages.

9) Group Invites, Reply Back and Mentions

whatsapp group invite

I personally like this WhatsApp update. Group invite is a great update for people who create a lot of groups and do not have time to add each in the group. This is where Group Invites come to rescue, it gives you a unique link, which people can click and get an option to join the group, so this way your time is consumed as well as the people who are interested to join the group only joins the group and not everyone.

whatsapp reply back

Reply Back is also a great update. Reply Back can be effectively used in a group chat when you are talking with like a zillion people :p and so many people message at once and it is hard to reply each question. Even though you do it, but it is confusing for other group members to understand “As for whom it is,” so this reply back feature comes in handy and you can refer which thing you are talking about.

whatsapp mentions

Mentions are used to mention the people in a personal chat or a group chat just like Instagram and Facebook. Mentions is a good update too, but it has to be developed, like I should get notifications when I am being mentioned in a message, as normally people avoid some chats in the group, but might they miss some important message where they have been mentioned, so WhatsApp can further develop this.

10) All File Transfer

whatsapp all files supported

This update allows you to share almost everything on WhatsApp, to each other, be it mp3 or different formats of videos, or any documents, GIFs, even APKs can be shared in WhatsApp now. So WhatsApp is now maximizing its utilities with minimum restrictions.

11) Video Streaming, Photo Bundling, Photo Filter

All these three were recently added in its latest update.

Video Streaming allows users to stream videos on Wi-Fi or Cellular Data, they can watch the video and get the video downloaded simultaneously.

whatsapp photo bundling

Photo Bundling is kind of good feature, as it saves time to download each and every image, WhatsApp provides you with an option to send images as an “album” and you will be able to download all the images in the album in a single click. That is, pretty much time-saving.

whatsapp picture filters

Photo Filters are yet to be developed and offer limited filters like Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome, and Film. You can use it by either clicking a picture from “WhatsApp Camera” or any pre-existing image from your phone, you will get a text reading “Swipe Up For Filters” and there you go.

12) Quick Reply Button

whatsapp quick reply

This feature comes much handy when you do not want to open WhatsApp to reply to messages. You can reply message with a new “Quick Reply” update which allows the user to send messages from their notification bar. You can only send text in the quick reply. I hope WhatsApp will develop this too.

13) Siri Reading Messages

In April, WhatsApp gave more functions to Siri. You can ask Siri to read your latest messages. It can be done by going into the settings of WhatsApp and request Siri to read messages, unfortunately, it works only on devices running iOS 10.3 or above. But beware, do not use this feature to read your best friend’s messages in public or else you will be embarrassed :p

So, these were some of the major updates already seen in WhatsApp in the year 2017. There were many other updates too, but I covered some of the major ones if I have missed any already made update then do let me know in the comment section. So, now let us dive into the “Upcoming Updates of WhatsApp 2018”

Top Upcoming Updates of WhatsApp 2018

1) In-App YouTube Video Playback

WhatsApp is testing a feature which will allow users to play YouTube video within the application (i.e) you can view YouTube videos without leaving the app. The video can be viewed either in full-screen mode or picture in picture mode. This feature is being tested in the models of iPhone 6 and above.

2) Edit and Revoke

These two features are in testing mode.

The edit feature will allow the users to edit the already sent text, I think this feature should not be added, as it will lead to a lot of misuses.

The Revoke feature is to delete a message which has been already sent. It will not only delete the message from your phone, but it will be revoked in the receivers end too. For an example, if you mistakenly send some “not to send” text to your boss and you want your boss not to see it, you can simply revoke the message. By this, your boss could not see what you have sent and you escape from a mini heart attack. Thanks to WhatsApp.

3) UPI Based Money Transactions

WhatsApp is in talks with The Indian Government for integrating UPI (Unified Payment Interface) in WhatsApp, which will allow users to send money to each other without any hassles. You want to pay 200 bucks to your friend, WhatsApp it :p this phrase will be out soon. Paytm will be replaced with WhatsApp. #WhatsAppKaro. If this feature is added, then it might be a threat to Paytm, Paytm be aware!

4) Live Location Sharing

This is pretty much in the news and is being hyped a lot by the company. It has already released in beta versions and I guess to normal users too, but it is a fresh update where users can share their live location for a minute or two or endlessly with their loved ones.

5) Number Change Notification To All Your Contacts

WhatsApp is rolling its sleeves up for this major update. If you are changing your number, and you want to inform all your contacts, rather than the traditional calling everyone and informing, then WhatsApp can help you, it sends a notification to all your WhatsApp contacts that your number is changed and to contact you with the new number given, so it will be less clumsy

These are some of the major Whatsapp Upcoming Features 2018 which will roll out to beta users at the end of the 2017 year!

So that’s all from me if you know any other update, then do let me know in the comment section below, I will be happy to add it in the post. If you have any doubts comment it below and I will be happy to solve it!


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